Refreshed, Renewed and Reusable

Port_Procter-Gamble 2014_01-Collage

Recently Procter and Gamble decided to refresh the look of their Analyst Meeting’s exhibit suite.  Although happy with the existing assets the company wanted a renewed look and called upon Designsmith to create it.

The design was re-envisioned for both aesthetic and practical purposes.  Starting with material considerations to complement the company’s headquarters; uses of white, aluminum, glass and frosted glass plus the subtle use of the brands bold colors of blue, red, orange and green.  To address the practical consideration of reuse the construction of the elements is very versatile; with height adjusting canopies, easy to replace graphic walls, detachable and adjustable shelves, versatile signage and several pedestal height options. Classy and pragmatic this suite hit the mark for this year’s event and hopefully for many events to come.