Total Experience

Port_BGMC VIP 2015_01-Collage

The Creative Director Ada Lee Halosky wanted a total attendee experience for the Buick GMC VIP event at the The Wynn in Las Vegas.  The event honored top selling dealers and was a showcase for new vehicles.

The experience was a three stage environment.  Attendees entered into a holding video vestibule which delivered an opening video on a 128 foot wide projection screen built of 8 rotating panels.  At the conclusion of the video the screen broke into 8 segments and louvered open creating hallways into a vehicle salon experience.  At the center of the salon was a grand tunnel entrance to the General Session.  The Mainstage was a magnificent display of projection mapping panels and a stage complete with a turntable and ramps.  This complete experience left the dealers feeling proud and excited to representatives of the Buick GMC brands.