To make the best possible design from creative concept to reality.

Core Values

Excellence in Product and Reputation. To conceive a set design that creatively enhances the client’s message or the project’s “story” while understanding that reality includes budgets, build time, venue constrictions, load-in and other logistical concerns. We strive to consistently find a balance between creative concepts and logistic parameters in order to design a set that is as good on location as it is on paper.

Organized Collaborative Process. A good process fosters an excellent product. We communicate designs in the best form possible. We develop realistic renderings and highly detailed design drafting to communicate our designs to our clients and to vendors.  We use an internally published set of drafting and show standards to ensure a high consistent quality of deliverables.

Truth and transparency. Designsmith does not contract with end clients to avoid conflicts of interest.  We work for production companies, producers, designers and scenic houses.  Upon request we do make vendor recommendations.  Such recommendations are made in the client’s best interest, Designsmith never receives commissions based on construction choices.

Personal Freedom; we believe the happiness of our workers directly affects the quality of the work produced for our clients. We hire creative people with backgrounds in several design disciplines and encourage our associates to work on other projects outside of Designsmith’s scope including theater, fine art or whatever creative outlet suits them.