Production Design

Design development, communication and art direction are offered for a wide range of projects encompassing corporate meetings, car shows, exhibits, interiors, television, fashion and more.  Full set design solutions are available from research and rough thumbnails to three dimensional computer rendered presentation sketches, design drafting, animations and stage graphics.

Assistant Design

Set design support based on concepts and other creative direction provided by a lead designer or collaborating firm.  Sketching, animation, drafting and graphic services are available.

Computer Sketches

Computer rendered sketches are modeled in AutoCAD 2017, rendered in Autodesk 3ds Max 2017 and the finishing touches are added in Photoshop CC.  This method can generate dramatic photo-realistic results and is perfect for presentations.


Designsmith offers animation and fly-through animation created with Autodesk 3ds Max 2017.  Movie files are distributed via Designsmith’s Youtube channel.  Animation is a great tool to help with the visualization of scene changes or dramatic entrances.  See examples here.


Using industry leading software, AutoCAD 2016, drafting packages are created from three dimensional models.  The same models, generated from computer rendered sketches, can be used for drafting packages increasing the productivity and accuracy of the drawings.

Graphic Design

Design and layout services are available for stage applications, banners, vehicle wraps, theme graphics, marketing and branding.  Graphics are created using Adobe Creative Cloud and are delivered in Photoshop or Illustrator formats depending on the application.

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